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Wind Election Report #7: An Update of the 2020 Election

A newsletter focusing on the 2020 election and American Jews

Jews and their Politics: Data on LA Jewish voters taken from the Pat Brown Institute Study from last fall[1]:

Some Twelve Critical Outcomes:

1. LA Jews vote! 78% voted in 2016; 71% did so in 2018; this is compared with 65% and 55% of the general LA County voter base for the same two election cycles.

2. Among those surveyed in 2019, 75% of LA Jews expressed their disapproval of President Trump, with 21% endorsing his policies and actions.

3. One in Five LA Jews define themselves as “conservative.”

4. 75% of LA Jews believe that it is important that Israel exist as a Jewish State; while 65% of Jews are critical or somewhat critical of Israel government policies.

5. Anti–Semitism is a major concern for LA Jews (75%); a view shared across political and ideological lines.

6. Jews are deeply committed to social justice and equality (70%).

7. The Holocaust is seen as an essential component to their identity (67%).

8. 83% of Los Angeles Jews identify as “white,” while 17% define themselves “as other than white” (Hispanic, Black, Native American, etc.)

9. The levels of political activism and engagement are significant, as these five indicators suggest:

  • 96% talk with family and friends about politics

  • 77% report having signed petitions or having sent letters

  • 62% indicate that they have made political contributions

  • 38% attended public meeting or government agency hearing

  • 44% indicated that they had participated in a political rally, protest or march

10. Social welfare issues of importance to LA Jews: The Five Top Items

  • Same-Sex Marriage 89%

  • Abortion 86%

  • Gun Control 83%

  • Immigration 72%

  • Affordable Care Act 71%

11. The diversity of news sources of importance to LA Jews:

  • 68% from newspapers

  • 56% from conversations with family and friends

  • 53% from social media

  • 46% from radio

  • 40% from blogs and websites

12. Political Preferences: Differences Measured  Religious Affiliation

Orthodox Jews surveyed here (and as reported elsewhere) appear to be “strong Republicans” (43%), with President Trump receiving a 70% approval rating. 15% of Orthodox Jews are “Strong Democrats” as compared to 40% of all Jewish Democrats.


Articles of Interest:

Donald Trump is the most serious threat to American Jewish security in the past half century

September 4, 2020 By David Lehrer


Announcement: Three October Election Events:

The 2020 Elections and the Jewish Vote

October 8th at 5 pm (PDT)

Sponsored by the JCC’s of the Bay Area

Dr Steven Windmueller: the Election and the Jewish Vote

Chai Village Los Angeles

Thursday, October 29, 2020, 7:00 - 8:30pm

Details: click here

To join this event using Zoom on a smart phone, tablet, or computer, CLICK HERE.

Alternatively, open Zoom, click on “Join Meeting,” then enter the MEETING ID: 462 656 1612 and PASSWORD: 006581.

To join this event using a cell-phone or landline for audio only, follow these 3 steps:

1. Dial (669) 900-9128

2. When asked for a Meeting ID, enter 462 656 1612, followed by the pound sign (#)

3. When asked for a Participant ID, press the pound sign (#)

Dan Schnur and Steven Windmueller

October 18th at 4pm (PDT)

Casden Institute/Wilshire Blvd Temple

See all upcoming events here:


Steven Windmueller is the Rabbi Alfred Gottschalk Emeritus Professor of Jewish Communal Studies at the Jack H. Skirball Campus of HUC-JIR. His writings, including his previous Wind Election Reports can be found on his website:


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