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The Trump Presidency, American Jewry and Israel

Tuesday December 7th 12:00 PM - 12:45 PM PST on Zoom

Presented by AJU. Organized in partnership with the Casden Institute at USC.


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A new collection of essays unpacks President Trump’s distinctive unique relationship with American Jewry and the State of Israel.

For liberal American Jews, Trump’s presidency represented a fundamental revolution, overturning and challenging much that a generation of activists had fought to achieve and protect. For Trump’s supporters, it afforded an opportunity to advance priorities, while joining the forty-fifth president in changing the American political landscape.

American Jewish University has teamed up with the USC Casden Institute Annual Review and has gathered panelists from different backgrounds and political orientations, bringing together a broad range of perspectives designed to examine various aspects of the Trump presidency, including Trump’s particular impact on Israel-US relations, his special connection with Orthodox Jews, and his complex and uneven relationship with Jewish Republicans.

Join editor Steven Windmueller in conversation with Saba Soomekh and Michael Berenbaum, as they mark the launch of the book and discuss Trump’s impact and legacy on American Jewry.

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