Rethinking Jewish LA

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This past week, the American Jewish University announced plans to seek tenants to fill its available space. This news came at the same moment that Hebrew College announced its decision to sell its property and to move into Temple Reyim in Newton, Massachusetts.

Across the country, in the wake of a radical shift to online triggered by the pandemic, Jews are witnessing the downsizing of various institutions, the mergers of others, the growing availability of commercial facilities and the presence of empty religious properties. Here in Los Angeles, we should seize this opportunity: Is this the moment for a realignment of Jewish institutional life?

The Fifth Wave of Terror: Tribalism and Hate in the Twenty-First Century

The Jewish Journal

On January 6, 2021, the nation was roiled by the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol. To many, this distinctive nationalist — even tribalist— form of political behavior seemed like an anomaly. But this anti-state violence is not unique, nor is it the first wave of modern terrorist behavior. We are currently in the midst of a new terrorist assault on this nation.

Encountering the fifth wave of global terror: The new national tribalism

The Times of Israel

In 2004 UCLA emeritus professor, David Rapaport, one of this nation’s experts on terrorism published his “Four Waves on Modern Terrorism”:

Wave One: Anarchism 1880-1920

Wave Two: Anti-Colonialism 1920-1960

Wave Three: New Left 1960-2000

Wave Four: Religious 1979-2010

Upending American Jewish security

The Times of Israel

We are living in a new American political environment, where a war against minorities in general, and Jews in particular, has been launched. This moment represents the single most significant threat to Jews since the Shoah. The scope of anti-Jewish expression is not bound by a broad increase in the number of anti-Semites but rather in the ability of these hate actors to actualize their beliefs and carry forward their plans. In many ways, social media has enabled these players to gain significant media attention and visibility.

Building an American Jewish political typography

The Times of Israel

We are all creatures of our environment. Our respective political cultures reflect our particular social orbits, belief systems and particular loyalties. Our respective political identities are shaped and influenced by our broader general beliefs about our society and our place within it. Certainly, our cultural experiences, personal values, and historical encounters inform and help to frame how we see and engage with politics.

The upending of reason and the rejection of truth: America, its Jewish problem

The Times of Israel

Reason and truth represent the essential ingredients for preserving social stability and ensuring continuity, yet today these principles are under attack. In some measure, the celebration of “truth” and an appreciation for “reason” appears to be passing from the contemporary scene.

eJewishPhilanthropy (eJP) at 14: Reflections on Where We Are

eJewish Philanthropy

In 2007 Dan Brown, the founder and publisher of eJP, envisioned the design of this e-platform based on the mission of the now dormant ePhilanthropy Foundation and its role within the broader field of philanthropy. Dan reflected on how particularly helpful these folks were in conceptualizing this publication, along with the owners and operational team of CONVIO, an on-line nonprofit fund-raising platform.

How the Great Jewish Families Shaped Philanthropy: Some Contemporary Reflections

eJewish Philanthropy

For significant parts of the last several centuries, the great Jewish families of Europe, Asia, and North America were central players in international business and commerce but also created the infrastructure and framed the norms for modern Jewish philanthropy.

Jews Have a Profound Stake in America

Jewish Journal

Words are simply not adequate to define or contain the emotions following the assault on January 6 on the U.S. Capitol and American democracy.

We Jews have a profound stake in this nation. We were here from the very beginnings of this experiment in democracy. Washington’s extraordinary letter to the Jews of Newport, Rhode Island, in August 1790 affirms this unique connection:

The Jewish Free Loan Movement:
Unpacking a Jewish Communal Treasure

eJewish Philanthropy

One of the most underreported components of the Jewish response to this pandemic has been the extraordinary contributions of the nearly 50 agencies that comprise today the International Association of Jewish Free Loans. Situated here in North America and across the Jewish world, these historic agencies, large and small, have made an essential difference in the lives of the thousands of families and individuals whom they have assisted over this past year.