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Wind Election Report #5: 65 Days and Counting!

A newsletter focusing on the 2020 election and American Jews

New Brandeis Study on the American Jewish Electorate:

This study affirms data identified in earlier surveys of Jewish liberal inclinations.

The Count Down:

We are beginning to see projections and a deeper analysis in connection with the 2020 election and the Jewish vote. Take for example this Haaretz article[1] which anticipates broad Jewish support for Joe Biden. Yet, other recent articles offer a different outlook, suggesting that Trump’s Middle Eastern policies will result in a strong showing of support amongst Jewish and Evangelical voters who are specifically committed to this President’s pro-Israel agenda.[2]

Political Organizing:

As the Republican Jewish Coalition and the Jewish Democratic Council of America mobilize their resources and supporters, we are seeing a particular focus on the battleground states. In this Jewish Weekly story, both sides are concentrating their efforts in Florida among other primary target areas in support of their respective candidates.[3] Millions of dollars and significant person power will go into turning out the vote for their respective political party. In earlier editions of this Report, special attention was given to the “Bagel Belt” states in this election (Wind Report #3).

The State of the Race: Convention Watching

Americans did not watch the two political party conventions. Only 19.7 million watched the first night of the Democratic Party gathering, a week ago and 17 million viewers turned on the GOP meeting this Monday evening. Overall, for the four nights, the core numbers in comparison to previous political conventions were significantly down.

What’s Ahead:

Those voters who have remained “undecided” about their presidential selection are starting to make their selections. Over the next several weeks we should see the campaign focus specifically on these undecided voters.

Libertarianism and Judaism[4]

This section is presented as part of an effort to study different political streams and Jewish support. In recent years a growing body of literature has been forthcoming seeking to align libertarian principles with Judaism. On such matters, as Religious Freedom, Free Will, Gun Rights, and Property Rights, libertarian advocates are seeking to align Jewish ideas with this political philosophy. They argue that among the ideological founders of this movement were a significant number of Jews, including Ayn Rand, Robert Nozick, Milton Friedman, and Frederick Hayek.

Articles of Interest:

Steve Rabinowitz provides a complete set of guidelines for religious and nonprofit organizations when dealing with political candidates and campaigns:


Steven Windmueller is the Rabbi Alfred Gottschalk Emeritus Professor of Jewish Communal Studies at the Jack H. Skirball Campus of HUC-JIR. His writings, including his previous Wind Election Reports can be found on his website:


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