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Some Thanksgiving Perspectives: Where We Are and Where We Will Need to Be

Managing a Broken Society:

As we experience this Thanksgiving moment, we realize the health challenges and economic struggles of so many in our country, even within our own community. Just as individuals and families face hardships, so do many of our most valued institutions. Our government, in consort with the nonprofit and business sectors, must develop a joint commitment to healing our nation. At this moment, we must demand that our leaders act in responding to food insecurity, homelessness, and unemployment. We will require a coherent plan for moving our nation forward.

Essential Conversations:

It is imperative for our community to open conversations that bring Jews with divergent political views together. Identifying common values, promoting shared beliefs, and celebrating our collective American and Jewish identities represent the critical focal points toward ensuring our future. We have a mutual stake in strengthening our communal voice, as we collectively fight anti-Semitism, garner support for Israel, join in healing the political divisions within this society, and help forge a national agenda. The future of the Jewish community is dependent on our understanding and promoting our common bonds! Our nation, as well, is in search of a shared vision.

Civics Education:

Whether in our religious schools, day schools or other settings, our mutual task is to infuse the alignment of our American civil values with our Jewish tradition. Across the nation, it is of essential importance that we commit to educating our citizenry on American civic principles and practices. Our democracy depends on an informed and engaged constituency!

Community Connections:

The rebirth of Jewish community relations and intergroup dialogue will be core to our collective American story moving forward. Finding a shared language and identifying joint political interests with other civic, ethnic and religious constituencies is central to our communal agenda. Our political voice requires committed partners in the complex and challenging tasks ahead.


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