Jewish Political Behavior and Trends


Much of my work has been focused on American Jewish political behavior; it represents one of the fields where relatively little research has been undertaken over significant periods of time. There are of course numerous theoretical projections about “the Jewish vote”, just as there are a variety of ideas pertaining to the nature of Jewish political activism.

In the articles included within this section the focus is primarily on understanding voting patterns or identifying particular issues associated with a specific election. Clearly, many of these trends transcend any one election cycle and have broader implications about Jewish political participation.

Along with a number of other researchers and writers, I continue to monitor ethnic and religious voting trends within the United States. More directly, such questions as “why are Jews liberal?” and what policy questions seem to be of specific interest to Jewish voters not only interest Jewish commentators but also the general media.

In addition to the pieces found here, my general body of work in this discipline has been directed toward shaping a more coherent and historical understanding of the Jewish polity.

I would welcome feedback from visitors to this particular section of The Wind Report; as your comments and suggestions could be particularly beneficial.

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