About Dr. Steven Windmueller


Dr. Steven Windmueller is a Jewish communal professional and educator. He launched his career more than forty years ago on the staff of the American Jewish Committee, where he served for twelve years as the executive director of the Jewish Federation in Albany, New York (1973-1985), and for ten years as the executive director of the Los Angeles Jewish Federation’s Community Relations Committee (1985-1995). Since then, Dr. Windmueller has spent nearly twenty years at the Hebrew Union College in Los Angeles, first directing it School of Jewish Communal Service (now the School of Jewish Nonprofit Management) and then serving for four years (2006-10) as the dean of the LA campus.

Dr. Windmueller holds a Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania in international relations. A specialist on political issues and American Jewish affairs, Dr. Windmueller has written and lectured extensively on Jewish political affairs, the Middle East, and global social trends. He is the author of several books on Jewish power, politics and religion, including the 2014 publications: In This Time and In This Place and The Quest for Power: A Study in Jewish Political Behavior and Practice. Several years ago he launched The Wind Report, an interactive website (www.thewindreport.com), which serves as a repository for his extensive writings. Dr. Steven Windmueller is married to Dr. Michelle Pearlman Windmueller. For more information about Dr. Windmueller, visit the press kit page of this site where you’ll find a complete author bio, photographs and additional resources about his newest publication The Quest for Power:A Study in Jewish Political Behavior and Practice

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