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This page contains a listing of all articles and publications written by Dr. Windmueller.

Title Category Publish Date Source Link Type
Conservative Judaism at a Crossroads? [onclick-show-popup group=”4″] 01/20/15 (Winter/Spring 2015) Menorah Review [onclick-show-popup group=”6″]
Building a New Model of Political Leadership: How Rabbi Stephanie Kolin Changed Our Community [onclick-show-popup group=”4″] 01/15/15 Reform Judaism [onclick-show-popup group=”6″]
A Threat to Israel in America’s Cuba Policy? [onclick-show-popup group=”4″] 12/22/14 The Jewish Daily Forward [onclick-show-popup group=”6″]
An Unsettling Jewish Environment. [onclick-show-popup group=”4″] 12/8/14 eJewishPhilanthropy [onclick-show-popup group=”6″]
What will ADL’s Priorities be in a post-Foxman era? [onclick-show-popup group=”5″] 11/18/14 [onclick-show-popup group=”6″]
HUC-JIR’S China Story: How the College-Institute Helped to Launch and Sustain Jewish Studies [onclick-show-popup group=”5″] 11/04/14 HUC-JIR [onclick-show-popup group=”6″]
Uncovering “Jewish” China: Historic Memories and Emerging New Realities [onclick-show-popup group=”5″] 11/03/14 eJewish Philanthropy [onclick-show-popup group=”6″]
Reflections on the New Year: Defining a Jewish View of the World [onclick-show-popup group=”5″] 9/21/14 eJewish Philanthropy [onclick-show-popup group=”6″]
Two Nations: One Story Where Israel and Korea Intersect [onclick-show-popup group=”5″] 9/6/14 Korea Daily [onclick-show-popup group=”6″]
Where Do We Go From Here: A Post-War Assessment [onclick-show-popup group=”5″] 8/7/2014 eJewish Philanthropy [onclick-show-popup group=”6″]
Korea and Israel Sharing a Common Destiny [onclick-show-popup group=”5″] 7/31/2014 The Wind Report [onclick-show-popup group=”7″]
Middle East Wars: Historical Realities and Political Perspectives [onclick-show-popup group=”4″] 7/22/2014 eJewish Philanthropy [onclick-show-popup group=”6″]
Rewriting German history: When Politics Trumps Memory [onclick-show-popup group=”4″] 4/24/2014 Jewish Journal [onclick-show-popup group=”6″]

Rethinking the Jewish Condition: Five Scenarios that are Impacting the Course of Jewish History
[onclick-show-popup group=”2″] 4/3/2014 eJewish Philanthropy [onclick-show-popup group=”6″]

Rethinking the Jewish Condition: Five Scenarios that are Impacting the Course of Jewish History
[onclick-show-popup group=”2″] 4/3/2014 eJewish Philanthropy [onclick-show-popup group=”6″]
Dumplings and Matzahball Soup: China and the Jews Examining the Idea of Diaspora for Two Ancient Civilizations [onclick-show-popup group=”2″] 01/7/14 eJewish Philanthropy [onclick-show-popup group=”6″]
A New Moment in Time: How Changing Political and Religious Realities Are Reshaping Global Judaism [onclick-show-popup group=”2″] 12/30/13 eJewish Philanthropy [onclick-show-popup group=”6″]
A Perfect Firestorm [onclick-show-popup group=”5″] The Wind Report [onclick-show-popup group=”7″]
ADL on the Occasion of its 100th Anniversary – Launching a Conversation [onclick-show-popup group=”5″] The Wind Report [onclick-show-popup group=”7″]
Assessing-the-American-Jewish Institutional-Response-to-Global-Anti-Semitism-Jerusalem-Center-For-Public Affairs [onclick-show-popup group=”5″] 10/1/05 JCPA [onclick-show-popup group=”6″]
A New Century: Old Challenges and New Opportunities [onclick-show-popup group=”2″] The Wind Report [onclick-show-popup group=”7″]
The Changing Character of the American Rabbinate: Some Reflections [onclick-show-popup group=”1″] 3/3/13 eJewish Philanthropy [onclick-show-popup group=”6″]
Drawn from the Pages of the Past: The New Global Anti-Semitism [onclick-show-popup group=”5″] The Wind Report [onclick-show-popup group=”7″]
Consensus As a Symbol of Jewish Citizenship [onclick-show-popup group=”5″] October, 2003 Sh’ma [onclick-show-popup group=”7″]
Defining Jewish Communal Greatness: How Ought we to Measure our Jewish Communities? [onclick-show-popup group=”2″] 2/4/13 eJewish Philanthropy [onclick-show-popup group=”6″]
A Framework for Hispanic-Jewish Relations [onclick-show-popup group=”5″] The Wind Report [onclick-show-popup group=”7″]
Framing-the-American-Jewish-Economy [onclick-show-popup group=”3″] 3/3/13 eJewish Philanthropy [onclick-show-popup group=”6″]
Good to Great: A Jewish Ten-Point Institutional Assessment Evaluating Successful Jewish Organizational Models [onclick-show-popup group=”2″] 10/10/12 eJewish Philanthropy [onclick-show-popup group=”6″]
Hate and Politics: How Anti-Semites Interpret the Contemporary Political Scene [onclick-show-popup group=”4″] 7/15/12 Jewish Journal [onclick-show-popup group=”6″]
Jewish-Power-and-Powerlessness-USC-Course [onclick-show-popup group=”4″] Fall 2011 The Wind Report [onclick-show-popup group=”6″]
Leadership for the New Normal [onclick-show-popup group=”1″] 9/21/09 eJewish Philanthropy [onclick-show-popup group=”6″]
Moving-from-Recession-to-Economic-Contraction [onclick-show-popup group=”3″] 8/30/11 eJewish Philanthropy [onclick-show-popup group=”6″]
New Economic Challenges, New Opportunities: The Unfolding of the Third American Jewish Revolution [onclick-show-popup group=”3″] 3/31/09 eJewish Philanthropy [onclick-show-popup group=”6″]
New York as America?s Jewish Capital City [onclick-show-popup group=”2″] 2/11/10 eJewish Philanthropy [onclick-show-popup group=”6″]
Preparing for the New Year: Thinking Near and Projecting Far Measuring the Jewish Future [onclick-show-popup group=”2″] 9/10/13 eJewish Philanthropy [onclick-show-popup group=”6″]
Unpacking a Presidency: Rabbi David Ellenson [onclick-show-popup group=”1″] 8/15/13 eJewish Philanthropy [onclick-show-popup group=”6″]
Schools Dispute May Be Lesson in Finding Common Ground [onclick-show-popup group=”4″] 11/15/99 Los Angeles Times [onclick-show-popup group=”6″]
Snapshot into Jewish LA: Some Insights and Reflections [onclick-show-popup group=”2″] 8/19/12 eJewish Philanthropy [onclick-show-popup group=”6″]
Some Reflections on the State of the Jewish Federation System [onclick-show-popup group=”2″] 4/3/13 eJewish Philanthropy [onclick-show-popup group=”6″]
The Survival and Success of Jewish Institutions: Assessing Organizational and Management Patterns [onclick-show-popup group=”1″] The Wind Report [onclick-show-popup group=”7″]
Sustaining 21st Century American Judaism: Examining New Options [onclick-show-popup group=”2″] 1/7/13 eJewish Philanthropy [onclick-show-popup group=”6″]
The-World-of-the-Synagogue-and-the-Second-American-Jewish-Revolution [onclick-show-popup group=”2″] 4/1/11 The Wind Report [onclick-show-popup group=”7″]
Unpacking Chabad: Their Ten Core Elements for Success [onclick-show-popup group=”2″] eJewish Philanthropy [onclick-show-popup group=”6″]
Unpacking the Middle East Crisis: Implications and Meanings for the American Jewish Community [onclick-show-popup group=”5″] The Wind Report [onclick-show-popup group=”7″]
Unpacking the Political Crisis in Egypt: its Implications for Israel and the West [onclick-show-popup group=”5″] 2/1/11 eJewish Philanthropy [onclick-show-popup group=”6″]
The Emerging Jewish Civic Culture [onclick-show-popup group=”2″] 10/3/13 eJewish Philanthropy [onclick-show-popup group=”6″]
Encountering Jewish Power: First Steps in Building the Jewish Political Tradition [onclick-show-popup group=”4″] 10/1/13 eJewish Philanthropy [onclick-show-popup group=”6″]
The Virtual Scene: The Passion of the Christ as Seen Through Websites and Chat Rooms(2004) [onclick-show-popup group=”5″] HUC-JIR [onclick-show-popup group=”6″]
How the West Was Won: The HUC-JIR Story, Chronicle Issue 60 (2002) [onclick-show-popup group=”2″] HUC-JIR [onclick-show-popup group=”6″]
Those Magic Moments: Taking a Second Look at Graduation’s Platitudes [onclick-show-popup group=”1″] 5/11/98 HUC-JIR [onclick-show-popup group=”6″]
The Third Sector: America’s Secret Success Story [onclick-show-popup group=”2″] HUC-JIR [onclick-show-popup group=”6″]
“For American Jews, current crisis is test of their connection to Israel” — Steven Windmueller’s op ed in the JTA [onclick-show-popup group=”3″] 7/20/06 JTA [onclick-show-popup group=”6″]
Dr. Steven Windmueller responds in Jewish Week article–ADL Breaks With Pack On Church-State [onclick-show-popup group=”5″] HUC-JIR [onclick-show-popup group=”6″]
Groundbreaking Study of Formation of United Jewish Communities: “Predictability to Chaos: How Jewish Leaders Reinvented Their National Communal System” by Dr. Steven Windmueller and Professor Gerald Bubis (2005) [onclick-show-popup group=”2″] HUC-JIR [onclick-show-popup group=”6″]
Dr. Steven Windmueller’s new book, You Shall Not Stand Idly By (2004) [onclick-show-popup group=”2″] HUC-JIR [onclick-show-popup group=”6″]
Dr. Steven Windmueller Publishes Study on Latino-Jewish Relations in Los Angeles (1999) [onclick-show-popup group=”5″] HUC-JIR [onclick-show-popup group=”6″]
Windmueller’s Wise Take [onclick-show-popup group=”3″] 8/29/09 Jewish Journal [onclick-show-popup group=”6″]
A communal ‘Tzedek’ who studies power [onclick-show-popup group=”4″] 11/20/12 Jewish Journal [onclick-show-popup group=”6″]
The ‘Kosher Burrito’ Can Get Messy [onclick-show-popup group=”5″] 6/12/12 The Jewish Daily Forward [onclick-show-popup group=”6″]
The Changing Dimensions of Jewish Community Relations in America [onclick-show-popup group=”5″] The Wind Report [onclick-show-popup group=”8″]
Steven Windmueller, author, is leading national expert-AJC [onclick-show-popup group=”5″] 11/16/04 AJC [onclick-show-popup group=”6″]
“The Politics of Health” forum [onclick-show-popup group=”5″] HUC-JIR [onclick-show-popup group=”6″]
Pathways to Collaboration (video) [onclick-show-popup group=”1″] HUC-JIR [onclick-show-popup group=”6″]
A Jewish Perspective on the Global Economic Revolutions in a Post-Holocaust World [onclick-show-popup group=”3″] Casden Institute [onclick-show-popup group=”6″]
“Defenders”: National Jewish Community Relations Agencies [onclick-show-popup group=”5″] Google Books [onclick-show-popup group=”6″]
The “Noshrim” War: Dropping Out [onclick-show-popup group=”5″] Google Books [onclick-show-popup group=”6″]
Jews in the Psyche of America ? Published by the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs [onclick-show-popup group=”2″] 10/28/09 JCPA [onclick-show-popup group=”6″]
Christians and Israel [onclick-show-popup group=”5″] Menorah Review [onclick-show-popup group=”6″]
Jews in the Shaping of Modern Capitalism [onclick-show-popup group=”3″] Menorah Review [onclick-show-popup group=”6″]
Post-Zionism…Post-Holocaust [onclick-show-popup group=”2″] Menorah Review [onclick-show-popup group=”6″]
Revisiting Jewish Radicalism [onclick-show-popup group=”4″] Menorah Review [onclick-show-popup group=”6″]
Revisiting Old Themes Through a Contemporary Lens [onclick-show-popup group=”5″] Menorah Review [onclick-show-popup group=”6″]
The Roots of Anti-Semitism [onclick-show-popup group=”5″] Menorah Review [onclick-show-popup group=”6″]
Jewish-Latino Interactions in the United States [onclick-show-popup group=”5″] 7/15/08 JCPA [onclick-show-popup group=”6″]
“RETHINKING LATINO-JEWISH RELATIONS IN LOS ANGELES” [onclick-show-popup group=”5″] 6/1/99 JCPA [onclick-show-popup group=”6″]
Windmueller Publishes Study on Latino-Jewish Relations in Los Angeles [onclick-show-popup group=”5″] 4/21/99 HUC-JIR [onclick-show-popup group=”6″]
Councilman Tests Latino-Jewish Relations in California [onclick-show-popup group=”5″] 3/19/08 The Jewish Daily Forward [onclick-show-popup group=”6″]
Paul Castro takes over as Jewish Family Service?s new executive director. [onclick-show-popup group=”5″] 11/16/00 Jewish Journal [onclick-show-popup group=”6″]
Latino pastors celebrate Sukkot and Israel in Westwood [onclick-show-popup group=”5″] 9/28/07 AJC [onclick-show-popup group=”6″]
In this Time and in this Place: Establishing your Voice and Defining your Message [onclick-show-popup group=”1″] 5/25/10 The Wind Report [onclick-show-popup group=”6″]
The Jews’ Split Political Personality [onclick-show-popup group=”4″] 10/16/12 The Jewish Week [onclick-show-popup group=”6″]
A Game Plan for Renewal:The Demise of National Movements and their Rebirth [onclick-show-popup group=”2″] The Wind Report [onclick-show-popup group=”7″]
Are American Jews Becoming Republican? Insights Into Jewish Political Behavior [onclick-show-popup group=”4″] 12/15/03 JCPA [onclick-show-popup group=”6″]
Revisiting the Jewish vote-JTA [onclick-show-popup group=”4″] 9/25/08 JTA [onclick-show-popup group=”6″]
Only In America: The 2008 Jewish Vote – HUC-JIR [onclick-show-popup group=”4″] HUC-JIR [onclick-show-popup group=”6″]
Revisiting the 2008 Presidential Election: Reflections on the Jewish Vote – JCPA [onclick-show-popup group=”4″] 4/21/09 JCPA [onclick-show-popup group=”6″]
Mayor’s Israel trip is timely [onclick-show-popup group=”4″] 6/11/08 Los Angeles Times [onclick-show-popup group=”6″]
Jewish Voters Still Have Questions About Obama [onclick-show-popup group=”4″] 4/11/08 US News [onclick-show-popup group=”6″]
The Fight for the Jewish Vote [onclick-show-popup group=”4″] 10/9/08 The Daily Beast [onclick-show-popup group=”6″]
For Jewish voters, 2008 race is challenging [onclick-show-popup group=”4″] 10/8/08 Jewish Chronicle [onclick-show-popup group=”6″]
Jewish Seat Threatened By Growing Latino Bloc [onclick-show-popup group=”4″] 6/22/11 The Jewish Daily Forward [onclick-show-popup group=”6″]
Are Jews Warming Towards the Tea Party? [onclick-show-popup group=”4″] 6/14/11 The Jewish Daily Forward [onclick-show-popup group=”6″]
Story on the 2012 Presidential Elections and the Jewish Vote [onclick-show-popup group=”4″] 12/10/10 The Jewish Week [onclick-show-popup group=”6″]
The New Angry American Jewish Voter [onclick-show-popup group=”4″] 8/10/10 Jewish Journal [onclick-show-popup group=”6″]
2011 Political Survey Findings [onclick-show-popup group=”4″] 4/28/11 The Wind Report [onclick-show-popup group=”7″]
Jews and the Tea Party Movement [onclick-show-popup group=”4″] The Wind Report [onclick-show-popup group=”7″]
An Economic Game Plan for American Jewry [onclick-show-popup group=”3″] 6/5/12 eJewish Philanthropy [onclick-show-popup group=”6″]
The Unfolding of the Third American Jewish Revolution [onclick-show-popup group=”2″] 5/30/12 eJewish Philanthropy [onclick-show-popup group=”6″]
Study of UJC Merger Finds Unhappiness – Jewish Journal [onclick-show-popup group=”2″] 2/3/05 Jewish Journal [onclick-show-popup group=”6″]
Appointment to the Rabbi Alfred Gottschalk Chair in Jewish Communal Service [onclick-show-popup group=”1″] HUC-JIR [onclick-show-popup group=”6″]
Jewish Communities of the Western United States [onclick-show-popup group=”2″] 4/3/08 JCPA [onclick-show-popup group=”6″]
A Call for a National Jewish Conversation [onclick-show-popup group=”2″] 10/12/09 eJewish Philanthropy [onclick-show-popup group=”6″]
The Second American Jewish Revolution [onclick-show-popup group=”2″] The Wind Report [onclick-show-popup group=”8″]
The Unfolding Economic Crisis: its Devastating Implications for American Jewry [onclick-show-popup group=”3″] The Wind Report [onclick-show-popup group=”8″]
College Commons: Study of Jewish Americans [onclick-show-popup group=”2″] HUC-JIR [onclick-show-popup group=”6″]
Developing a Liturgy for the Jewish Communal Profession [onclick-show-popup group=”1″] HUC-JIR [onclick-show-popup group=”6″]

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