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One of the most intriguing issues in the landscape of Jewish history has to do with Jews and power. Do Jews have political power and if so, what are the components of such influence? In turn, what does it mean for a minority group to possess power?, and where does the State of Israel fit into this equation? Dr. Windmueller’s explores all of these probing questions in his new book The Quest for Power: A Study in Jewish Political Behavior and Practice. Drawn from historical sources and contemporary practice, this work unpacks 2,000 years of Jewish political behavior to define and assess the state of Jewish power today.

Jews, like all other peoples, have long attempted to define their place within the world. While often denied access to external politics, Jews would construct internal systems of self-governance that allowed them to preserve their traditions, manage their religious and social affairs, and negotiate their well-being. To that end, this work proposes that the Jewish people are more than a religious community; they are also a polity, operating over the centuries in pursuit of their core ideological and political interests. The Quest for Power represents an effort to describe the elements that define the story of the Jewish people’s march through time. This text seeks to provide some new insights into Jewish political behavior and contribute to the richness of understanding about Jews, power, and their historical journey to become nation-builders and global citizens by the twenty-first century.

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