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The Quest for Power: A Study in Jewish Political Behavior and Practice

How do we understand Jews and political power in the 21st century? Jews are in a new position for the first time in their history, holding political power both through their own nation-state system and as a result of their political access and influence within the American context. Most of Jewish history, however, tells a different story—for 2,000 years Jews would operate without power, absent a political state, and denied access within the societies in which they would reside.The Quest for Power seeks not only to define the nature of Judaism as a political system but to demonstrate how Jews would manage their limited access to political influence while living under different systems of government. The uniqueness of the American story and the creative tension between the nationalistic focus on Zion and the universal emphasis on social justice provide the basis for understanding the contemporary Jewish political environment.
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In This Time and In This  Place: American Jewry 3.0

In This Time and In This Place brings together, for the first time, a collection of Dr Steven Windmueller’s writings. This anthology explores the various elements that have defined the American Jewish story, including the trends that have shaped American Judaism, its institutions, policies and practices; the issues that impact the relationships of Jewish and to other constituencies; the principles of Jewish leadership; and the impact o global anti-Semitism. These and other themes comprise this work, drawn from more than twenty-five years of Dr Windmueller’s communal practice and academic engagement.

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