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Can Pope Francis soften Trump’s immigrant stance?

Written by Brenda Gazzar for the Los Angeles Daily News

Trump & Pope FrancisPresident Donald Trump’s visit to the Middle East over the past few days and his meeting with the pope today are opportunities for healing amid his contentious positions on immigration and Muslims, according to some Southern California-area religious leaders…read more

Jews’ Political Split is Sharpened After Trump Win, UN’s Israel resolution

Written By Brenda Gazzar for the Los Angeles Daily News on January 7, 2017

Larry GreenfieldFor Larry Greenfield, the Obama administration’s vote to abstain rather than veto the United Nations resolution condemning Israeli settlements last month was a final “stab in the back” for Israel — and further proof that President elect-Donald Trump would be more pro-Israel than his predecessor.
…read more

When Politics Creates Hate: Anti-Semitism in America

Written By Steven Windmueller for on October 20, 2016

ADLThe Anti-Defamation League has just released a task force study examining (ADL Task Force Issues Report Detailing Widespread Anti-Semitic Harassment of Journalists on Twitter During 2016 Campaign) a year long study of the rise in anti-Semitic messages directed at Jewish reporters and spread across social media.
…read more

On this page you will find interviews of Dr. Steven Windmueller and articles where he is mentioned.

Shimon Peres Is Remembered in LA’s Jewish Community

Written By Charlotte Scott for USC Annenberg Media on September 28, 2016

Shimon PeresThe death of 93-year-old Shimon Peres, former Israeli statesman and Nobel Peace Prize winner, prompted fond memories of his legacy among the Jewish community in Los Angeles and around the world.
Peres, who died Wednesday, was one of Israel’s most powerful and defining political figures. He held almost every position in the Israeli cabinet, from president to minister of defense, and served three times as prime minister.…read more

What turns many Jews away from Trump energizes his Jewish supporters

Written by Eitan Arom for the Jewish Journal on August 24, 2016

TrumpIn August 2015, the American Jewish Committee (AJC) asked 1,030 American Jews to name their favored candidate in the following year’s presidential primaries. Hillary Clinton was the clear winner with 39.7 percent, followed by Bernie Sanders with 17.8 percent. Donald Trump came in third with 10.2 percent, more than any of the other nine Republicans named.…read more

American Jews consider the unthinkable: Should they become German citizens?

Written by Julie Zauzmer for the Washington Post on July 14, 2016

Julie Zauzmer/The Washington PostJoost Oppenheim came into the world stateless.
He had no choice: Born in the Netherlands to refu­gees from Nazi Germany, both the country of his birth and the country of his ancestry refused him citizenship.
Eighty-one years later, Oppenheim and his family have a choice, but the decision is so wrenching that it has left relatives across three generations arguing about the ethics of identity….read more

The Fable of the Jewish Republican Electorate

Written By Lars Gesing for Deutsche Welle on April 18, 2016

aipacThose who run for US president are expected to pledge their support for Israel. Republican candidates, especially, go all out. Are they doing it to win support from Jewish voters? Humbug, finds Lars Gesing in Washington.…read more

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